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Carl Guidice

Carl Guidice is an entrepreneur and human resource professional from Washington, D.C. After selling his business to a Fortune 500 company, Carl now provides consulting services throughout the United States.

Carl Guidice


Born in northern Virginia, Carl attended university at the University of Virgina. He graduated in 1982 with a degree in finance and economics. From there, he began a career as a financial analyst.

Not long after his career began, Carl switched gears and became an entrepreneur. He partnered with private equity partners to create a Human Resources Management business. This allowed him to reach his goal of becoming a CEO in his early 40s. After twelve years in this role, Carl’s business was sold for ten times the amount of his original investment to a Fortune 500 company. As he signed a five-year non-compete agreement, Carl is now semi-retired, traveling the world with his family.

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